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Trailer Signage

Small enough to take anywhere, yet large enough to make a real impact, trailer signage offers you the ultimate in versatility.

  • Park it on a busy main road where it can easily be seen from any direction by passing motorists and pedestrians
  • Tow it around with you, further exposing your brand to potentially thousands of new customers
  • Watch it command attention at outdoor expos or trade shows

At Pivot Creative we will customise your signage to fit any size or style of trailer, and we can work with your existing logo or design something new for you.

We design and manufacture all of our signs in our factory, then install and deliver to your workplace.

Our trailer signage is rust-proof, designed to withstand any type of weather and our graffiti-resistant film is guaranteed to increase the life of your signage.

Ask us about designing a versatile, long-lasting trailer sign for your business.