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Bus & Truck Signage

Supersize your image, your brand or your logo with high-impact bus and truck signage.

Bus and truck signage is impossible to ignore and it offers you up to 15 hours of market penetration a day. And with buses and trucks travelling thousands of kilometres every week, you can target an enormous range of potential customers.

Regardless of the size of your buses or trucks, or how many are in your fleet, at Pivot Creative we have extensive experience in highly specialised large vehicle signs.

Our Pivot Creative team understand how to manage the unique challenges that large vehicle signs present, and the size of our factory ensures we can wrap your bus or truck quickly and efficiently in a controlled environment.

And when it’s time to rebrand, promote a new product or simply refresh your looks, we can quickly and easily transform your bus or signage with no damage to your fleet.
Talk to us now about eye-catching, supersized branding of your buses or trucks.