The bigger the better! What rubbish!

This post is absolute rubbish! Well…not quite, but today the guys were out wrapping garbage trucks for one of the players in the waste industry, Wanless. In order to keep the green theme going, we partially wrapped the cabins in the Wanless green. We first matched the green colour to a small paint sample we were given. The wrap film was then printed in the clients’ corporate colour and laminated in a high gloss film to extend is outdoor durability. Wrapping the cabin was a more cost effective way to create the look than painting was. The trucks were transformed in the space of a day which meant the down time of the business was kept to a minimum. The installation was also done onsite, at the clients’ yard, so the impact on their business was kept to a minimum. The new signs and the wrapping really gave the trucks the recognisable, professional look the client was going for.

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Garbage truck signs


Posted By Pivot Creative on February 14, 2019 at 4:26 pm