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Resin Coated Badges / Domed Badges and Short Run Product branding

What better way to finish off your product, decorate an award or just promote your brand with our premium resin coated badges.

Our unique polymer coating system is a resin applied over the top of a digital print. The resin forms a bubble over the label and produces the three dimensional finish.

Whilst we can make a resin coated badge at just about any size, you will generally find the smaller the badge, the more pronounced the resin bubble will be.

We can make all shapes, all colours and make any quantity you require. 1 badge or 10000, it’s up to you. The resin is UV resistant, so is also suitable for exterior use.

Polymer Coated (or resin coated) badges can help:

  • Reinforce your company brand or image
  • Be the perfect finishing touch to a piece of equipment
  • Be the branding element of a promotional piece or given away
  • Be used on trophies or awards

So if you have the need to promote your business or decorate a trophy, contact us today to see how we can help make it a reality.

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