Case Study - Lucia's Deli and Cafe Signage Fit-Out


Lucia Deli and Cafe


Café Signage Fit-Out


  • Set-Up
  • Digital Printing
  • Specialised Material
  • Fabrication

The challenge presented here was two fold. Firstly the artwork for the logo we were supplied with was very difficult to work with by way that the designer had assembled it using transparencies and multiple layers. Generally that would be OK for a straight digital print but because the sign was a backlit application we needed to overlay matte black vinyl over the printed logo to ensure it was a complete block-out and didn’t look at all washed out.

The second challenge was we had a hole in the wall we had to work around and accurately fit an acrylic sign face to. We decided not to apply the block-out black over the edges of the sign face so we would get a nice glowing effect around the edges. 10mm Opal acrylic lettering was also machined and placed over the sign face to give the sign dimension. The textured stone wall really set it off and was an added bonus.